Storycrafting To Inspire Change
For Leaders, Creatives, & Guides

3 Month Cohort - 8 Live classes

You are here to make meaningful impact - and you know your story is a part of it.

But for a story to fully land, a strategic blend of wisdom, creativity, purpose, and relevance is required. Relevance to your audience, to the times, and to the universal principles of change inherent in life.
In order for a story to truly make a meaningful impact, your story must resonate deeply with the listener.

This course will guide you to
• Unearth and articulate your wisdom
• Apply time tested tools based on universal principles to build resonance
• Refine, transmit, and strategize delivery
• Storycraft and use story as a tool to direct results
• Collaborate in cohorts & practice sharing with interactive exercises

8 Live Classes • 3 months • Storytelling Cohorts

Course Starts March 7th 11am- 1230PT

“We think we tell stories, but stories often tell us, tell us to love or hate,
to see or be seen.

Often, too often, stories saddle us, ride us, whip us onward, tell us what to do, and we do it without questioning. The task of learning to be free requires learning to hear them, to question them, to pause and hear silence, to name them, and then become a story-teller. ”

Rebecca Solnit

The StoryCrafting Formula

1. Take Stock

Familiarize & take inventory of
your life experiences, your current storytelling goal, and who your audience is.

2. Connect The Dots

Get clarity on the common themes and patterns within your story- and see how they fit within storytelling formulas.

3. Unlock The Wisdom

Get clear on what your biggest transformations taught you- and get strategic on how to communicate this
to your audience.

4. Write A New Story

Edit, revise, distill, and learn how to direct your story so that it includes only whats relevant and important.

5. Share your Story

Work with formulas to structure your story and practice how to deliver it to
make an impact.

Behind every story lies a clear goal:
To immerse your audience in a visceral experience of understanding. But to achieve this, you must first embody
that understanding yourself.

Join me on a Journey of Story Crafting
as we distill and reframe life experiences into a narrative that highlights the universal principles of transformation and change.

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Course includes:

We will meet weekly in 90 minutes sessions for the first 5 sessions  and every other week for the remainder of the course.

Step by Step guide with journal prompts, graphs, charts, and guidelines to systematically support you as you create your story.

At the end of the course, you will have a ready-to-share 5-10 minute story ideal for podcasts, panels, keynotes, and presentations.

Meet classmates and create accountability cohorts to reflect, share, and practice your stories with.

You have the option of signing up for personal support.  It’s been said that these 1 hour sessions are invaluable for helping clients when they’re feeling lost in the weeds.

Course Dates: Meeting weekly on Thursdays 11am PT March 7th

Cost: $1000

We are excited to offer 5 partial scholarships
for those in financial need
or from historically underrepresented groups.
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