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6 x 90 Minute Sessions

Do you find yourself struggling to unpack your story? Know that you have deep wisdom to share, but haven't quite untangled the threads yet ? Want to reframe the stories you tell yourself but needing some outside support and perspective?

Navigating the past can be overwhelming, but this 6 session package is here to guide you through the process by breaking things down into manageable steps. This systematic approach will help you sift through your life stories. You'll revisit and revise the meaning made, empowering you to synthesize your life into a coherent and sharable narrative that supports and fuels all you do.

If you believe you’re here on this planet to do important work, your story is an essential ingredient in helping you accomplish that mission.

And if you want to be an effective agent of change, you must be able to share how you’ve transmuted your hardships into a life of purpose.

When you tell your story, you’re not only sharing yourself to the world, you’re actually helping the world understand what’s possible for them, so they too can learn from your journey.


This is a powerful and deep process that will not only help you understand which parts of your story are important to shared, but will also teach you how to best and effectively share them.

This program is about articulating the wisdom of your journey so that it can help others on a similar path.

You might be thinking ‘But Mareesa, I think I know my story’, and you might be right… but the fascinating thing is, our story is constantly changing. As we grow wiser with age, the meaning we hold shifts…


And when was the last time you took the time to truly map your life?


To unpack your journey in a systematic way? To harvest its insights like diamonds to share with the world?


Revisiting your story from a new vantage point can make a world of difference. Stories rarely remain the same.


That’s why I’m here. I live to help people more deeply understand themselves so they can help others.

Your story matters - take it from Mareesa:

Working with me 1 : 1 will help you:

1. Choose Your Message

Explore and identify the most powerful nugget of wisdom you have to share

2. Create A Map

Systematically look at your transformation transformation and take inventory of your full journey

3. Unpack And Synthesize

Use a variety of lenses and exercises to unpack deeper meaning of your story and identify the wisdom contained within

4. Repackage Your Story

Refine, reformulate and reorganize your narrative into a coherent concise story that supports your life mission

5. Learn To Weild Your Story

Learn not only how to tell your new story in a succinct, compelling, and engaging way, but how to implement it into your life.

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