Unpack Your Story

Free 10 Minute Workshop

Everyone has a story. But not everyone takes the time to turn the raw ingredients of their life into a narrative that captures hearts and gets to the point and purpose at hand.

This 4 step workshop will help you:

I spent my life hearing the call to share stories... but I was terrible at it.

I studied filmmaking and theatre, wrote scripts and made over 40+ films, but the long hours and by-any-means-necessary culture of my work left me feeling empty and uninspired.

It was not until I personally embarked on my own transformative journey of healing, that I understood the secret sauce of a powerful story... transformation.

Why did my stories suck?

At their core, my stories lacked a narrative of true personal transformation and wisdom learned along the way, making them hollow and unrelatable.

Be it at a dinner party or reading a script, no one wants to listen to a simple recounting of events - they want to see transformation, and that's what I lacked.

After living some lie, working with curanderos in Peru, studying yoga in India, healing trauma with psychedelics, and documenting my entire journey, I went through my own personal transformation, which made all the difference.

After learning the value of transformation in stories, including my own, I stepped into my power, producing a feature length documentary for Gaia TV, a TV series for Mary Jane, and co-founding a psychedelic media company, Lucid News.

Everything lies in transformation, and this workshop is a framework that will help you identify your own personal transformation to create a powerful story.