Own Your Story

Free Live Workshop

Do you find yourself struggling to share your story and lost in the threads?

Storytelling is hard and not everyone is a natural born a storyteller, but with this 3 step story workshop, you will leave this session knowing which of your stories are worth telling and how to unpack the wisdom within them.

Join Me Thursday, June 15th, 8PM ET

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This webinar is especially for

Leaders, Teachers, Guides, and Change-makers.

If you hear the call to make the world a better place, the best way to share that you know what you're talking about is by sharing your own personal experiences.

Join +100 Students Learning To Inspire The Future

I spent my life hearing the call to share stories... but I was terrible at it.

I studied filmmaking and theatre, wrote scripts and made over 40+ films, but the long hours and by-any-means-necessary culture of my work left me feeling empty and uninspired.

It was not until I personally embarked on my own transformative journey of healing, that I understood the secret sauce of a powerful story... transformation.

Why did my stories suck?

At their core, my stories lacked a narrative of true personal transformation and wisdom learned along the way, making them hollow and unrelatable.

Be it at a dinner party or reading a script, no one wants to listen to a simple recounting of events - they want to see transformation, and that's what I lacked.

After living some life, working with curanderos in Peru, studying yoga in India, healing trauma with psychedelics, and documenting my entire journey, I went through my own rite of passage and transformation, which made all the difference.

After learning the value of transformation in stories, including my own, I stepped into my power, producing a feature length documentary for Gaia TV, a TV series for Mary Jane, and co-founding a psychedelic media company, Lucid News.

Everything lies in transformation, and this workshop is the framework that will help you identify your own personal transformation to create a powerful story.