Tell Your
Origin Story

90 min Live Workshop - January 17th 9:30am PT/12:30 ET

Are you a leader, teacher, guide, or a change-maker feeling called to help others, but find it challenging to share your story?

This workshop is for you. Your life experiences hold powerful lessons- its just a matter of getting clear on which parts are most impactful and how to frame to in a compelling and engaging way

Built on universal storytelling models- and designed for leaders in transformation- this 3 hour workshop will give you the tools to shape a narrative that will not only connect and engage your audience but also inspire change.

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Join +100 Students Learning To Inspire The Future

If you want to show up as a powerful human on this planet you have to know who you are.
You have to know your story.

The thing is, there are countless ways to tell a story, and it is easy to get disorganized, wondering which parts to focus on, how to keep it impactful, and exciting, and how to best articulate the wisdom that you’ve learned navigating your life experiences.

That’s why I created this workshop. I believe the world’s a better place when people are utilizing the power of their story; and I want more people to have the tools.

And since story isn’t the easiest thing to master, I created this framework to simplify the process. It will help you:

  • 🔭 Identify your personal transformation and learn how to use it to frame your story
  • 💬 Express the wisdom of your life experiences 
  • 🌟 Recognize your purpose in telling the story and how the story serves your audience.