Psychedelics And The Story

6 x 90 Minute 1:1 Sessions

Story is one of the most foundational building blocks of life - yet when it comes to examining our own stories, we are often held back by blindspots... which is why psychedelics are having such a resurgence.

Psychedelics work much like a magnifying glass - highlighting the parts of ourselves buried deep in the unconscious. They help us unearth the shadow self, acknowledge forgotten dreams, think creatively, and find greater connectivity in ourselves and to the world around us. They help us find the true story of who we are beyond our conditioning and traumas.

Integration is key to a successful experience.

For those seeking guidance, this work will help you
• Set clear intentions for your psychedelic journey
• Untangle and reframe old narratives
• Interpret and integrate your newfound insights
• Craft a new and empowering story & put it in action
• Share your transformative journey with authenticity

Learn how psychedelics can support you in thinking differently...


1. Connect The Dots

Prime for your psychedelic journey with targeted preparation techniques. Map where you've been and where you want to go.

2. Unlock The Somatic

Identify where old stories lie within the physical body and unlock and rewire.

3. Storycraft

Strategize and Implement your new narrative into your next psychedelic journey

4. Integration

Transform newfound insights into actionable steps that foster meaningful change.

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