Articulate Your Wisdom

StoryCrafting for Leaders, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, & Guides

4 Month Cohort - 6 pre-recorded classes -
Bi-monthly Meetings + Two 1:1 Sessions

Telling a powerful story involves more than mere mastery of formulas or techniques. It's about deeply connecting to the wisdom of your life’s experiences and skillfully weaving this into your narratives to create the impact you want.

In this course you will:
• Take stock of life experiences, gain clarity on wisdom gained, and learn how to frame it into a satisfying story
• Learn how to select stories that achieve the goal at hand and resonate with your audience.
• Engage in interactive modules, personal reflections, and practice with your cohort.
• Gain the confidence to influence and inspire, using storytelling as a tool for better leadership

Course Starts Monday January 8th, 10AM PT

6 Pre-recorded Lessons • 2 Private 1-On-1 Sessions • Weekly Meetups

“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”-

Dr. Howard Gardner​g

To be an effective agent of change, you must be able to share your story with a clear goal at hand and in alignment
with your soul's purpose.

Join me on a journey of Story Crafting
Where you will cultivate the intersection between
your most transformational life experiences,
the wisdom you've learned,
the needs of your audience,
and your life's purpose.

The StoryCrafting Formula

1. Take Stock

Familiarize & take inventory of
your life experiences, your current storytelling goal, and who your audience is.

2. Connect The Dots

Get clarity on the common themes and patterns within your story- and see how they fit within storytelling formulas.

3. Unlock The Wisdom

Get clear on what your biggest transformations taught you- and the best ways to communicate this to your audience.

4. Write A New Story

Edit, revise, distill, and learn how to direct your story so that it includes only whats relevant and important.

5. Share your Story

Work with formulas to structure your story and practice how to deliver it to
make an impact.

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Course includes:

Six Pre-recorded Lessons for you to watch at your own pace within the 4 month scope of curriculum.  Curriculum is designed so you have the freedom to move at the speed of your story’s unfolding.

To help you orient and finalize your story- you will receive two 45 minute 1:1 calls.  This will give you the one on one attention to support you staying on track.

*Additional 1:1 for supporting you are available upon request.

Class meets 2 times Monthly

We will meet twice a month for 60-90 minutes to review and support you wherever you are at from Jan 8th- April 29th. Students are invited to reach out in advance with any questions they want to address. This is designed to give you the freedom to move at your own pace as you unpack and create your story.

Step by Step guide with journal prompts, graphs, charts, and guidelines to systematically support you as you create your story.

At the end of the course, you should have a ready to share story that adheres to 3 act story structure, the hero’s and human journey, and have opportunity to practice telling your story with others in your cohort.


Meet classmates and create accountability cohorts to reflect, share, and practice your stories with.

Course Dates: Meeting Bi-monthly on Mondays starting January 8th, 2023

Cost To Participate: $2500