Own Your Story

6 Month Cohort - Weekly Live Meetings + 2 x 1:1 Sessions

A program that gives you the tools and techniques to unpack your life story, identify your purpose, write a new story, and learn how to share it so it supports all you do in life.

Use storywork to make the unconscious conscious and weave a new narrative that supports your life mission.

My formula for transformation:

1. Create The Map

Familiarize & take inventory to see how your story fits into the Hero’s Journey formula

2. Connect The Dots

Explore how the programs of childhood have created limiting patterns and beliefs

3. Unlock The Somatic

Learn how the body and mind keep you in old stories - and techniques that help to unlock them

4. Write A New Story

Explore and envision the best vision of yourself and how your struggle is the fuel to get you there.

5. Share your Story

Use a step by step formula to structure the story and learn how to effectively share it in a succinct, compelling, and engaging way.