Your Story Is Everything

Everyone holds a lifetime of experiences, a unique story waiting to be told.

Yet, few of us take the time to truly understand our own narratives – the stories that shape our identities, our actions, and ultimately, our impact on the world.

Imagine the power of sharing your story in a way that resonates deeply with others. What kind of influence could you have? How might your experiences inspire, uplift, and even transform the lives of those around you?

My courses empower you to unlock this potential. Through a proven process called "Story-crafting," we delve into the transformative events of your past, extracting the wisdom they hold, and weaving them into a compelling narrative that connects with universal truths. Gain the confidence to share your story authentically and effectively, leaving a lasting impact on those who hear it.

Mareesa is a passionate storyteller who's dedicated her life to unraveling the power of narrative. With experience spanning film, television, and personal psychedelic exploration, she's developed a unique approach to helping individuals harness their life stories for transformative impact. Her heartfelt method empowers leaders to share their wisdom authentically, connecting deeply with their audiences and leaving a lasting legacy.

"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come."

- Steve Jobs

Get to the Point



StoryCrafting for Leaders, Creatives, and Guides

Begins in the Fall
3 Months, 8 x classes, + Cohorts

True mastery of storytelling happens when wisdom, strategy and universal principles align.
This course guides you through the process of story-crafting, getting you clear on what you are here on this planet to share
and giving you the confidence and know how to share it.

1-On-1 Coaching

6 x 90 Minute Sessions that will give you the personal attention needed to support you as you unpack your life story

This one-on-one approach will give you the support, insight, and storytelling know-how needed to help you unearth, make sense of, and bring the most engaging version of your story to life - personally tailored to meet your storytelling needs.

Tell Your Psychedelic Story

A 3 hour class designed to help you share the story of how psychedelics changed your life
Psychedelics are changing the world - but textbook explanations fall short of capturing the heart behind the why.
Learn how to distill your experiences of the ineffable into a story family, clients, and even skeptics can appreciate and learn from.

A formula for transformation

Mareesa’s storytelling workshops have toured throughout the US, and Costa Rica, have been featured as psychedelic preparation/integration at Holos Global and YacuMama, on platforms DoubleBlind, Nectara, SoundMind, Soltara’s online community; The Maloca, and in the mastermind courses of Laura Dawn, and Beth Weinstein.  Mareesa has served as faculty telling stories of her psychedelic experiences for Synthesisinstitute.com and has been coaching leaders in the psychedelic space on how to share their stories for the last 3 years in her show Adventures of the Psyche on Lucid.News. She’s also hosted and programmed psychedelic storytelling sessions at MapsPS23Breaking Conventions, Boom Festival, and at local storytelling & psychedelic events around the world.

4 Steps to the Point and Purpose of your Story

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