Your Story Is Everything

Everything we do in life, we do because of a story. Our motivations and dreams, our fears and doubts, all of it can all be summed up by a well told tale.

Which is why storytelling is so important. By informing others why you do what you do, you’re being transparent. By sharing the challenges you navigated, you’re helping a client or investor understand why they should trust you. By explaining the wisdom you’ve learned, you’re being a good teacher sharing in a memorable way that keeps your listener wanting more.

Meet Mareesa, a filmmaker, and storyteller who's been guiding leaders, facilitators, and entrepreneurs in the process of unpacking and authentically sharing their life wisdom in a compelling and engaging way.

Unpack your stories with the ultimate playlist 🧘🏾‍♂️

An ambient soundscape for journeying into the psyche, soul, and the magic of sound.

“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”

- Dr. Howard Gardner

Discover your Origin Story Workshop

Do you have a story of transformation to share but struggle to articulate things in a impactful way? Are you a leader or change maker wanting to master your own story, and not sure where to start?

This program is designed to simplify your story, help you unlock the wisdom of your journey, and prepare you to share your learnings to inspire others and help transform the world.

1-On-1 Coaching

6 x 90 Minute Sessions that will give you the personal attention needed to support you as you unpack your life story

This one-on-one approach will give you the support, insight, and storytelling know how needed to help you unpack, make sense of, and bring the most engaging version of your story to life- tailored to meet your storytelling needs.

Own Your Story 6-Month Course

Revisit and rewrite the story of your life from a whole new perspective, with powerful tools, a supportive cohort, and 1:1 time with Mareesa.

Embark on a process of taking inventory of your memories and unpack your wisdom, into a succinct story that serves your highest joy and supports your current mission in life.

A formula for transformation

Mareesa’s storytelling workshops have toured throughout the US, and Costa Rica, have been featured as psychedelic preparation/integration at Holos Global and YacuMama, on platforms DoubleBlind, Nectara, SoundMind, Soltara’s online community; The Maloca, and in the mastermind courses of Laura Dawn, and Beth Weinstein.  Mareesa has served as faculty for and has been coaching leaders in the psychedelic space on how to share their stories for the last 3 years in her show Adventures of the Psyche on Lucid.News. She also hosted and programmed psychedelic storytelling sessions at Breaking Conventions, Boom Festival, and at local storytelling & psychedelic events around the world.